Get an introduction to the Practica app and how to most
​​​​​​​efficetevely use our tuners in your practice sessions.

Simple Metronome

Learn how to easily set up your metronome. Discover advanced features like beat randomization and click customization. 

Preset Metronome

Learn how to preprogram tempo, meter, rythmic accent, and subdivision changes into your metronome. 

Drum Machine

The Dum Machine is used to create powerful ryhtmic backing tracks. Learn how to have the power of a DAW on your mobile device.

Tone Generator

The keyboard synthesizer is great for pitch reference.
​​​​​​​Match your pitch and tone with our virtual instruments.

Chord Sequencer

The drone track allows you to create custom  chord sequencers. In less than a minute, create a fully customiziable backing track.