Q: What is the price of the app?

A: 4.99 USD

Q: When will the Android version be available?

A: In the coming months, please follow our Facebook page to stay updated.

Q: How can I change the settings on the metronome?

A: When entering the metronome tab, can press any section in the circle. This will open an interface to edit certain settings in an app.

Q: How do I save a certain preset in my app?

A: When going into creator mode, the user can press Save as. Pressing Save as will prompt you to enter in a file name. When you click “done,” it will create a new file with the text you entered.

Q: Is compatible with my AirPods and other Bluetooth devices?

A: Yes, Practica is Bluetooth compatible.

Q: How do I enable Voice Count?

A: By going into the settings, you can enable the Voice Count for either the simple metronome, preset metronome, drum machine or/and drone track.

Q: How do I change the instrument in my piano screen?

A: In the piano tab, there will be an icon of an instrument in the top left hand corner. Click on the icon, and you will get promoted with an array of different instrument icons. Choose the instrument you want and press dismiss.

Please email for any additional questions.