Q: What is the price of the app?

A: 4.99 USD

Q: When will the Android version be available?

A: In the coming months, please follow our Facebook page to stay updated.

Q: How can I change the settings on the metronome?

A: When entering the metronome tab, can press any section in the circle. This will open an interface to edit certain settings in an app.

Q: How do I save a certain preset in my app?

A: When going into creator mode, the user can press Save as. Pressing Save as will prompt you to enter a file name. When you click “done,” it will create a new file with the text you entered.

Q: Is compatible with my AirPods and other Bluetooth devices?

A: Yes, Practica is Bluetooth compatible.

Q: How do I enable Voice Count?

A: By going into the settings, you can enable the Voice Count for either the simple metronome, preset metronome, drum machine, or/and drone track.

Q: How do I change the instrument on my piano screen?

A: In the piano tab, there will be an icon of an instrument in the top left-hand corner. Click on the icon, and you will get promoted with an array of different instrument icons. Choose the instrument you want and press dismiss.

Please email practicamusic@gmail.com for any additional questions.

Download The Practica App Here