A music app made for and by musicians. Our mission is to provide a digital toolbox for musicians with a

User-Interface that makes sense for musicians. For beginners to pros, whether you are a vocalist, play a woodwind, brass, or string instrument there are numerous well-designed practice tools to improve your musicianship.

A tuner made to be simple and clear

The Practica tuner can accurately read up to 1/100 of a cent. A simple and clean display, so musicians can easily understand the results. Just temperaments, custom temperaments, and adjusted A4 value are included.

Strobe design for the most accurate pitch readings.

Custom strobe design that moves left for flat and right for sharp. The more out of tune you are, the faster the strobe wheel moves. Different sensitivities are there to challenge you.

Pitch Tracker helps you learn your pitch tendencies.

Easy to understand graph that shows your pitch over time. An expanding green bar will emerge whenever the musician is in tune. The user can customize the duration of the graph.

Even out the volume of your registers with the Decibel gauge.

Decibel gauge using A-Weighting to simulate loudness perceived by the human ear. Simple user interface showing the minimum, maximum, and average decibel.

Simple Metronome for quick set up

Musicians can easily set up their meter, tempo, and subdivision. The randomize button allows you to train your time. Try out the different clicks like clave, wooden, metal, three unique drum sets, and more.

Have a metronome that changes with the music

The preset metronome allows your metronome to change tempo, meter, and subdivision with the music. Great for learning music with meter changes.

The drum machine allows you to create any rhythm

Create multiple tracks each with their own instrument and rhythm. Over 20 different instruments to choose from. Create backing tracks to any genre of music.

Play chords and drones with our piano interface

Professional recordings used to design our synthesizer. Musicians can set whatever temperament they are playing in. Can choose among 21 instruments.

Create your own drone tracks to play alongside.

Customize your own drone track by selecting the chords you want. Practica will automatically detect the chord symbol. A musician can easily add a click to your drone track. Great for practicing intonation.